Continue to use Google Docs and Github wikis, but let's do it right

Communication processes

Slack was good until it became a time suck. Let's cut the fat

Let's go remote

The whole world can become your talent pool, but only if you got the right processes in place

We solve your problems at a process level

We train your staff so that every decision they make passes the bus and scale tests
Bus Test: if a key member of a project gets run over by the bus, will there be a major negative impact?
Scale Test: I'm gonna get what you're doing now and assign it to 20 other people, will that work?

  • Project Documentation
  • Estimation
  • Communication
  • Remote Recruiting
  • Repeat
                                            First time account creation using Facebook
                                            given the user launches the app for the first time
                                            when the user clicks on login by Facebook button
                                            and user gets authenticated by Facebook
                                            and Facebook has no valid email address
                                            then user should be manually prompted to enter
                                                 their email address

Different documentation dimensions

You need to say the same thing different ways to make it dummy proof. We use gherkin docs, user maps, work flow diagrams, glossaries etc

Estimation as a process

Software development time is impossible to predict. Period. However done as a process, you can reach a point where you can be confident about when projects will be done

Communication Protocols

Slack can solve problems, and create some. We train your team to structure their communication to increase productivity and knowledge sharing and retention

Remote recruiting and Onboarding

Limited talent pool in your area? With our processes we make it possible to hire anyone, anywhere in the planet

Success is a journey, not a destination

We continue to refine the process according to your business specific requirements.


our processes have worked in the real world

With Vibereel we created a collaborative music player iOS app

One of our answers on StackOverflow was spotted by a Brazilian client who was interested in building an iOS app that required advanced knowledge in audio rendering in iOS. We quickly assembled a team of remote engineers and built Vibereel remotely and delivered it. Vibereel was very technically challenging as it required that we dig deeper than the high level Apple music API's and straight into the low level stuff. The remote team consisted of engineers from Canada, Ukraine, United States and Lebanon. The client was in Brazil.

Work Any Where

With Abjjad we integrated an E-book reader into existing iOS and Android apps

Abjjad is the first Arabic social network for readers, authors, and bloggers in the Middle East (think of them as the version of the Arab world). It already had successful iOS a Android apps, but without an E-book reader. Lobo Labs quickly put a remote team together and implemented the E-book reader in both their iOS and Android apps. You can try out the iOS app here and the android app here. The remote team consisted of engineers from Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Ukraine and Canada. The client was in Jordan.

One Minute Setup

Worked as part of the mokus team to develop hiring and management processes

One project was in the HR Cloud space using a stack of Django/Angular/Docker/Vagrant/Gulp. Another project was an iOS/Android app for a health tech start-up. We worked with the Mokus team to manage a remote team that included engineers, QA staff and project managers from Dubai, Lebanon, United States, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, and Argentina. The client was in Dubai.

Work Any Where

With AIO Bot we're currently working on the processes set up and scaling the team

This is the current start-up we're working with right now. AIO Bot is an application that increases the likelihood of customers buying extremely rare items in limited release online sales. It does that by reverse engineering the checkout process of leading retails in the world such as AIO Bot supports the niche yet very profitable market of limited item resellers and collectors. Although AIO Bot has a big team of engineers, customer support, QA personnel and PMs, Lobo Labs is helping them go remote to tap into the global talent pool. The client is in Lebanon yet serve the market mainly in the United States.

Work Any Where

..The level of professionalism and focus on the job being performed was very impressive. Lobo Labs was able to produce a very high quality iOS app with very nice documentation in an environment of complete transparency and great care for the client.I definitely recommend Abdullah and Lobo Labs to anyone who wants to build high quality apps.

Ciso M Lins
Ciso M Lins,
TOHTT, Inc. Brazil
Worked with us as a client

Abdullah (Lobo Labs CEO) is passionate about his craft -- always searching to improve the status quo. His drive for perfection, leads to some great solutions.

Kyle Finley
Kyle Finley,
Freelance Software Engineer,
Scotch Media, United States
Worked with us as a Web Applications Engineer

Abdullah is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. His technical knowledge and constant positive approach to colleagues gives the team a great motivation. These two specialities are hard to find together. It was nice doing business with him and I recommend Abdullah based on our association.

Serhan Canova
Serhan CANOVA,
Mobilegion, Turkey
Worked with us as an Android Engineer

Abdullah is extremely enthusiastic, committed, hard-working and trusted person. He always looking a way how we as a team could improve quality and performance for our clients' products and succeeded on that surface. He also has pretty amazing leading & management skills.

Dmitry Koryakin
Dmitry Koryakin
Senior iOS Engineer, Ukraine
Worked with us as an iOS Engineer

It is rare to come across a talent and technology passionate like Abdullah. I had the opportunity of working with him on one of the projects. I was impressed by his ability to bring together a big team of remote developers and could manage effortlessly all responsibilities. Talking about motivating a team, he is definitely the one.

Houda El Mustapha
Houda El Mustapha
Quality Assurance Specialist, Lebanon
Worked with us as a Quality Assurance specialist

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